A high-pitched buzz filled the air: it was quiet, and yet audible and irritating; a Mosquito was in the room, almost blindly flying around, seeking blood to drink.

And in the room, a terrifying, massive creature, resembling a gigantic animate mountain, slumbered.

It was a Human.

The Mosquito approached the Human; it was a dangerous maneuver, as but a slap of the Human's enormous hands could crush the Mosquito like a... mosquito.

But the role of the Mosquito was miserable: it would have to take the mortal risk of approaching a larger being, or it would be doomed to oblivion by the cruel gears of evolution. And so, this specimen, too, was compelled to approach the monster.

And then, the Human moved; it appeared that it had heard the faint yet noticeable sound of the Mosquito's flight. And so, the titanic being rose, and the lights of the room were turned on. The Human was now hunting, prepared to dispatch the irritation that disturbed his rest.

"Why do you seek to crush me, Human?" the Mosquito suddenly asked.

"Why do I seek to crush you?" the Human answered, its thunderous voice filling the room. "You are here to suck my blood, and for this crime, you shall pay with your life!"

"I require but a tiny drop of your blood", the Mosquito argued. "Such a negligible sacrifice would make all the difference for me!"

"I care not about your differences!" the mighty Human roared. "Your kind are nothing but a nuisance to me: you torment my ears with your high-pitched sounds, and when you sting me, my skin swells and itches! My blood is mine! Do not demand for yourself what is not yours!"

"But with your blood, you could fuel the life of countless other beings!" the Mosquito reminded. "You could save them from starvation and withering and oblivion! Why are you so selfish?"

"SILENCE, INSECT!" the Human shouted and raised his hand, his patience now fully gone. And before the Mosquito could fly away, the massive palm smote it, crushing its tiny, delicate body and ending its humble life...

And then, the Human turned off the lights and returned to his bed, with no remorse, and no compassion for the being it had just killed...