Before space and time existed, there was the Maker. He was an all-powerful being who could, on a whim, create and destroy worlds, or shape them whichever way he wished.

But the Maker was lonely, and felt that his omnipotent existence lacked purpose. And so, he decided to create the universe; his infinite intellect produced a complicated yet comprehensible set or rules that governed the world. Soon, he was happily watching as his creation slowly bloomed over billions of years, with stars and planets and entire galaxies born out of the purposeful chaos. And when the world was ready, humble single-celled forms of life began to appear, just as he had intended. And they grew and evolved, gaining incredible forms and diversity while guided by the laws of nature that the Maker had devised.

And then, finally, came the ultimate creation of the Maker: the humanity. These creatures were weak and vulnerable, but were gifted with intelligence potent enough for not only making tools, but comprehending abstract concepts such as Faith and right and wrong as well; unlike the beasts that came before them, humans had the capability for altruism, and the Maker expected great feats of compassion from these very special creations.

But the fundamental nature of humans turned out to be flawed: they were capable of empathy, yes, but this ability was more often than not overrun by negative qualities such as greed and anger. The Maker was horrified as he saw his precious children hurt, kill and murder each other in ways most savage. And so, humanity had begotten Hatred.

Because of this unexpected turn of events, the Maker decided that the humans would need a divine Law to regulate and protect them. And so, he sent a Preacher to teach the humanity how they should live to please the Maker.

Initially, this appeared to have solved the problem: the humans began to follow the divine Law, and the brutal violence and crimes nearly utterly disappeared; the humans seemed to have understood the value of order and justice.

Alas, the humanity ultimately disappointed the Maker once again, as they began to abuse the Law. They placed bizarre, irrational emphasis on certain parts of the Law that they fancied: they became obsessed with punishing crimes such as adultery and blasphemy. The Maker had never liked these kinds of things, which was why he had prohibited them, but for some unknown reason, the humans began to consider them disproportionately important. Many an adulterer and blasphemer was executed in terrible ways despite the fact that the Maker had merely wanted these people to give up their immoral ways and learn from their mistakes. And so, Hypocrisy was born.

And Hypocrisy was not the only evil brought as a side effect and perversion of the Law: the Preacher who had introduced the Law to humanity had long since died, and people now fought over the right to interpret the Law, and the will of the Maker. They not only angrily debated about theological issues, but also killed those who opposed the view they believed to be the true one. And so, Zealotry was born and Hatred intensified.

The Maker was appalled by this misuse of the Law. As result, he decided to send a Messiah, to teach the people obsessed with the Law the importance of Compassion.

But the Messiah ended up being only partially successful; instead of unifying people with Compassion, what he managed to create was a schism: some humans became followers of Compassion, while others remained loyal to the Law.

The tensions between the supporters of Law and Compassion rose, and ultimately, a great and devastating war ensued. As the battle raged, both sides forgot both Law and Compasson, and Zealotry, Hypocrisy and Hatred grew ever stronger.

And in this struggle, no one could remain neutral, as both sides demanded absolute obedience to their view. Those who refused to choose were left alone and destroyed.

After years of bitter warfare, one side finally won. At this point the Maker was so horrified by what he had created that he was no longer even paying attention to who the winner ultimately was.

Once the humanity had somewhat recovered from the violent schism, the winners decided to build a great temple to honor the Maker and celebrate the defeat of the heretics. However, when the place was nearly complete, the builders could not agree on whether the door of the mighty sanctuary should be of brass or bronze. Theologians furiously debated the issue, and another schism was soon brewing. Ultimately, a war broke out once again.

And this conflict was just as devastating as the previous one; the only difference was that instead of the followers of Law and Compassion, the warring factions were now the Knights of the Brazen Door, and the Paladins of the Bronze Gate. And in their self-righteous fury, they destroyed the temple as they tried to secure it from their foe.

The war ended up being a draw. The temple, which had been in construction for decades, was now nothing but ruins. The two sides retreated to their own halves of the kingdom, and began enforcing their own choice of materials for their sacred structures, none of which could rival the majesty of the one they had destroyed in their foolishness.

However, these two halves of the former empire would not last long, for the power of Zealotry and Hatred tore them apart; many a powerful warlord proclaimed himself a king, and even though these new realms shared their faith with their neighbours, they still failed to remain united. Each ruler declared that they had been chosen by the Maker, and that the others were nothing but jealous, demon-driven imposters and usurpers. Each of them declared themselves and their people as virtuous and true, while condemning any evils committed by the rivalling kings as proofs of their abhorrence. And yet, these self-righteous monarchs committed the very same crimes as their enemies, in the name of justice and good. And so, Hypocrisy grew stronger.

Even though the Maker feared what would happen, he sent a Reformer to purge the Hatred and Zealotry and Hypocrisy that plagued humanity. But as charismatic and reasonable as the Reformer was, he was slain by the raging fanatics he tried to redeem. The Maker then sent more Reformers, who were superior to the first one. Most of these brave emissaries were killed, but one of them managed to establish a foothold for a more honest and uncorrupted interpretation of the Maker's will.

But even though the Reformer united the believers, no peace could be found, as people sought a new enemy to replace the old one. And as such, they began to expand with great enthusiasm. And as they conquered, they preached Law and Compassion, and yet, they themselves knew none, sacrificing everything for what they considered the will of the Maker. And Hypocrisy and Zealotry fed on this suffering like grotesque bloodsuckers, swelling larger and larger as they feasted on the destruction the worshipers of the Maker caused.

Then the Maker realized that Law, Compassion and Faith were not enough to control the dark side of mankind, so he created many a Scientist to introduce Reason to humanity; now, he cared not if Reason would result in the end of Faith, as all he wanted was to redeem the disastrous creation he himself had produced.

The Scientists attempted to teach humans the mechanics of the great and complicated process of creation that the Maker had devised to inspire the curiosity of humanity. But these Scientists were ignored; people refused to contemplate difficult concepts such as the laws of nature, as blind faith filled the needs of their tiny minds. And so, Scientists were hunted down and destroyed.

And then, finally, after so many a try, the Maker finally had had enough, and decided to personally appear before his followers to guide them. But when he descended as the majestic avatar he had crafted for interacting with humans, the reception was nothing but hatred and fanaticism. These zealous individuals believed that what they had encountered was a demon dressed in divine form, and in their anger, they cursed him, and responded with violence.

Now, the Maker had finally realized that his creation had been a complete failure that could not be repaired, and so, he prepared to destroy the world to put an end to humanity's madness. But as he attempted to put mankind out of its misery, the powers of Hatred, Hypocrisy and Zealotry blocked his heavenly might, rendering him powerless.

Ultimately, mere omnipotence turned out to be no match for human stupidity.