Long ago, on Mars, there existed two species of spacemen: the Green Little Men, and the Gray Little Men. For eons, there was peace between these two races.

But one day, the leader of the Greens began to suspect that his counterpart, the leader of the Grays, was evil. And so, the Green Leader boarded his UFO and, to stop the terrible plans which he believed were being carried out, used a disintegration ray to vaporize the Grey Leader.

But the clone of the Grey Leader knew that his genetic template was no evildoer. And so, he boarded his own UFO, and disintegrated the Green Leader.

From these assassinations, a war began, and after countless years of senseless bloodshed, the inhabitants of Mars destroyed not only themselves, but their planet as well, leaving it as the dusty, desolate place it is today.

And then, humanity evolved on Earth, and they began feeling the exact same suspicions and fears as their Martian precursors, starting many a war and conflict...

Which of the two UFO pilots who started the Martian war do you think was right, or at least less wrong? The one that lynched the opposing leader based on suspicion, or the one who retaliated for the act of vigilante murder? And how would your opinion change if these Martian leaders were replaced with the politicians and religious authorities of you and your rivals?