Welcome to Leopardia. I am Purrfectionist (AKA FriskyServal), and you have just found your way to the abomination begotten by my attempts to understand the occult secrets of HTML.

This site is still under construction: the architect is perpetually drunk, no one has bothered to lay the foundation, and the materials shipment was recently utterly obliterated by a collision with an unusually large polar bear. As such, a lot of things are likely broken here at the moment.

However, below is the list of byte goo masquerading as site content:

Leopardia: The Tale of the Wicked Fox (Furry novel; not suitable for children, moral guardians or sane people!)
-Coming soon(er than Half-Life 3, hopefully)!

Short stories:
-Maker's Massive Mistake
-Of Mosquitoes and Men
-Greens Vs. Greys

Gaming rants:
-Idiot Mechanics
-Power! Underpowered Power!